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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Sep 5 20:03:12 BST 2008

2008/9/5 Stephen Dowdy <sdowdy at>:
> I ran across 'basket' not too long ago and find it to be a rather
> intriguing tool.  My main frustrations with it are that it's not easy
> to share your baskets from home/work (i.e. the baskets are in binary
> format, so you can't just see what you've loaded in them from a command
> line/non-GUI environment), and that it's not exactly right for my needs as
> a merged Todo/Done/Worklog tool.  (I like the Gadget add so you can put
> the Todo checkbox on a line, but i'd like there to be N gadgets you can
> add per element, as i'd like to have a Time spent gadget along with the
> Checkoff box.  Also, it's not easy to get a view of a hierarchy in one
> page (like on HTML export, each hierarchy element is a different html
> page/view, so printing out the hierarchy even from HTML pages is not
> tenable)
> basket is being reworked for 2.0 (
> which adds Printing (whew!), new usability interface, etc.  Some of the
> question marks in that list lead me to believe that 2.0 may be FAR off,
> however :-(
> That all said... I haven't been happy with any of the e-diary,
> notebook, time-management tools i've run across.  Things like
> 'karm' don't allow you to easily organize project time by
> Day or week, just by project.  'hnb', while curses based (plus),
> is really hard to navigate and a little "wierd".  Many of the other
> "featured" notebook apps tend to be heavyweight as well (http server +
> php (yuk))
> I think 'zim' ( "The Desktop Wiki" might fit your
> needs, though it's technically not a KDE app (Gdk-perl).  It was a
> little "unstable" for me on Debian Etch, but i see that the main
> site is at 0.25 and Etch's package is version 0.17.  (i'll have to
> take a look at this again)

Even though it is not KDE / QT, zim does look like a good project. I
will spend some time with it in both KDE 3.5.x and KDE 4.1.x to see
how it behaves.

> Arguments against 'zim' would include your concern about resource
> consumption.  If you're all KDE, then adding a gnome app (and Perl)
> will add more libs into your memory use.

I do use GTK apps, notably Open Office and Firefox, so ZIM will have
to work hard to be heavier than either of those! I cannot believe that
Basket manages, to be honest.

> There's also KDE 'kjots' and Gtk2 'gjots2'
> ( which should be lower resource
> use than 'baskets' or maybe even 'zim'.  (kjots is, as i can tell, pretty
> much textual-content only, no font/style attributing) (which might be
> fine for your needs?)

Kjots is not hierarchical in the sense that notes (or pages) cannot
have subnotes (sub pages). I have spoken to the developer about
implementing this feature, and he seemed interested, but I do not know
of the idea becoming code.

Gjot2 has no keyboard navigation, plus the minor issue that the first
line of a note is it's name. I had used it in the past (before I
discovered Knowit) but found Gjots2 inadequate.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding ZIM. That just might work.

Dotan Cohen

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