creating a KMenu tree

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at
Tue Sep 2 04:11:25 BST 2008

I wrote a Perl script to control my MythTV box over the Telnet interface. The 
script does a number of one-shot operations.

As a GUI interface to the script I'd like to create a KMenu menu with submenus 
and entries that fire off the script with the appropriate parameters. So, I 
would have a "Volume" submenu with "Up", "Down", and "Mute" entries, each 
calling the script with the right parameter.

Rather than clicking my way through the Menu Editor to create all these, is 
there a easier way to create the .desktop files involved?

Or, is there a better tool? I would like something that ran in my System Tray, 
but don't know how to do that - the Menu idea seemed more reachable.

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