Ripping audio cd to mp3 with k3b

Alejandro Exojo suy at
Wed Oct 29 06:12:45 GMT 2008

El Lunes, 27 de Octubre de 2008, Bjarne escribió:
> But if i rip the cd using my own shell script or lame : command failed.

Well, according to this, is quite clear that is not KDE related. What's the 
error that lame gives you? The k3b exit suggests a problem with the device, 
but it could be the package that provides lame that could be broken (because 
you say you can rip and compress to FLAC).

Try checking the integrity of the package and/or reinstalling any suspicious 
dependency (you said you tried with lame and k3b only). But I suggest you to 
try an OpenSUSE specific place to follow, because I personally (and probably 
a lot of other people) don't use this distribution, and can't help.

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