Question about 4.x features (or lack thereof)

Mikhail Umorin mikeumo at
Fri Oct 17 19:50:24 BST 2008

Hello --

There are some features in KDE 3.5 that I really like. I cannot find them in 
KDE 4.1.2. I want to know whether I miss something or indeed the features are 
not implemented (and won't be). Here they are:

1) Panel autohiding;

2) Background image can be customized for each desktop separately (I have 
eight of them);

3) Panel can stretch across two display screens (I have nvidia with dual DVI 
output and TwinView enabled). KDE 3.5 is able to achieve this using Xinerama.

Can this functionality be achieved in KDE 4? if not, are there any plans for 
that in the (near) future?

Thank you for your time, 

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