KDE 4.1.2.....

Frank Reifenstahl f.reifenstahl at seelig.de
Mon Oct 6 10:09:26 BST 2008


after having watched and commented on that IMHO unfortunate decision to
distribute a developer state version as a dot zero I tracked the dev of
KDE 4 during the past months. Now, after having updated to 4.1.2
(opensuse 11.0) I gave a first try to KDE4 to prove itself.

- Kickers system area didn't make the move, so I tried to activate that
mini applet manually. After having started  the other mini apps icons
moved, but where should be the system area there was only emptiness.

- Right mouse click on that area popped up the well-known menu, but that
menu was cut into two halfs by the lower edge of the screen with the
lower part of the menu appearing at the upper edge of the screen.

- I tried to define a global shortcut (shortcut config of KDE3 didn't
move, too), but that app crashed after having entered the first key

Shutdown to alpha-state KDE4.... I would recommend to number the next
version as Sorry, guys, if I or any of my workmates would
be that venturous and distribute such a crap tagged with
"ready-for-production" labels (that's what 4.1.2 means to me)... give
your fancy full scope.

Dear persons in charge @ KDE: you are turning version numbering over to
meaninglessness. The release policy of KDE4 is an absolute scream.

This email is for your pillow. Don't discuss, I've had enough, it
doesn't pay.

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