How to set constant width for tabs in editor?

Patrick Nagel mail at
Thu Mar 27 01:41:25 GMT 2008

Hi Erik,

Erik (Thursday, 2008-03-27):
> I wonder how to set constant width for tabs in editors (KatePart). The
> only option for tab width that I found seems to be a max value, which
> results in tabs with a width in the interval 1 .. max. The value depends
> on where on the line the tab is.

There seems to be some misunderstanding of what 'tabs' are. A tab character 
(\t) causes the editor to align the text following it to the 
next 'possible position'. Each editor can 'decide' how far the distance of 
these positions in columns is - that's called 'tab width' (which you can 
change in every good editor, of course also in kate). It's only a 'view' 
thing, not something that's stored in the document itself - the document 
only stores a tab character for every time you press the 'Tab' key.
Now what you're probably looking for is to use spaces instead of using the 
tab character at all. There is an option for that in kate as well.


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