Fighting line noise with Kmail

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Mon Jun 30 01:35:45 BST 2008

On Sun, 29 Jun 2008 17:42:28 +1200
cr <cr at> wrote:

> So if there are say 100 messages, and it drops after 90, then when I 
> redial, 'Check Mail' has no effect.   And if I close Kmail, then
> restart it, it will start downloading all 100 messages all over
> again, and if the modem drops again then this can go on for ever....
> Is there any way to get Kmail to delete each message off the ISP's
> server as soon as it is downloaded?

Fetchmail has an option:

-e <count> | --expunge <count> 
 	                      Arrange for deletions to be made final
after a given number of messages. Under POP2 or POP3, fetchmail cannot
make deletions final without sending QUIT and ending the session --
with this option on, fetchmail will break a long mail retrieval session
into multiple sub-sessions, sending QUIT after each sub-session. This
is a good defense against line drops on POP3 servers. ...

What you might do is replace your kmail pop account with a local account
(spool-file) and have kmail run fetchmail as the pre-command. 
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