KDE 4 review

ziklag ziklag at inbox.com
Sat Jun 14 23:11:56 BST 2008

On Saturday 14 June 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 14 June 2008 17:26:17 John wrote:
> > On Saturday 14 June 2008 17:17:36 ziklag wrote:
> > > I wrote a long nasty letter about how bad KDE4 was, but then it got
> > > back at me by deleting my letter.   What was that?  Yet ANOTHER KDE
> > > bug? How could that be?   KDE4 is ALPHA quality at best.   FC9?  Who's
> > > running the insane asylum?   So many bugs, so few excuses....
> > >
> > > I'm off to try to track down that temp file that contained my original
> > > post. Maybe I'll find it after work today and will ATTEMPT to post it
> > > again.
> > >
> > > Linux really seems to be for L(users) if FC9/KDE4 is the latest and
> > > greatest.
> > >
> > > ziklag at inbox.com
> >
> > Rather than slate it you should realise that it's very beta at the
> > moment. It will be a lot less so when 4.1 final is released. This the way
> > that KDE goes. They need users and bug reports to fix it. Unlike windows
> > they don't have heaven knows how many people looking at and testing code.
> >
> > If you want to use KDE and don't want the possibility of significant bugs
> > you should be using 3.5.7 and not 64bit either.

64 Bit has been around several years now.  I accustomed to needing to keep
my BeOS R5 running on a PIII.  I thought that Linux was being actively 
developed.   At least BeOS doesn't have the latest cycles of code bloat which 
require constant hardware upgrades.   I tried the FC9 upgrade because I have 
had a number of bugs including ATA/SCSI buss problems which won't be fixed by 
running FC8.

> You should also remember that Fedora is, by its very nature, bleeding-edge.
> No excuses are needed for what they did.  They gave ample warning of the
> situation.  Maybe you didn't bother to read before installing?

I read the release notes.  Where did they say: "This is bleeding edge
software.  We skipped alpha and beta testing.   Sorry, if you've got
problems because you're our guinea pig." ?    

What I did read was that they had problems with nvidia, but it was
supposedly fixed.   I read that KDE4 was a little rough around the
edges, but was supposed to be usable.    I guess that none of the alpha
or beta testers actually upgraded fc8-->fc9 or tried to use the
kicker replacement, nor the taskbar,  nor kmail.   My mistake for
assuming that aforementioned claimed alpha testing and beta testing 
actually took place.

I even looked at the KDE4 demo OGG video which showed some of the
KDE4 dancing windows eye-candy.  I didn't realize that the eye-candy
version was the only version and not just one of the fancy themes.     And 
it's funny because the video ends with the statement that "You are KDE" (or 
something to that effect.)    But I guess we should change that to "Yesmen 
are KDE".

I guess that it is time to switch OSes if Redhat is going to be 
misleading and preset  OS release notes which seem to imply
that all's well and not significantly different from other "releases".
SUSE is out of the question because Novell went to the dark side.
Linspire hasn't exactly inspired me. Most of the others seem dead now.
I heard that Ubuntu was OK "out of the box", but hard to maintain.
Hmmm.   I'm hoping that the Haiku guys have success.  Perhaps
I'll try ubuntu...or at least downgrade KDE back to rev 3.x????

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