Kuickshow or equivalent in KDE4?

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 18:34:02 BST 2008


I've installed Fedora 9 with KDE4, but didn't find the kuickshow utility 
that existed in the 3.5.x versions.
Isn't it available in KDE4? If not, is there other similar image viewer? 
I like gwenview, but it lacks some functionalities that were part of 
kuickview and that I miss very much.

I'm looking for an image viewer for KDE4 that:

. Is able to show images in windowed mode, but using all available space 
in the window for showing the image, without menus, toolbars, etc.
. Allows me to navigate throught images using the mouse wheel and using 
HOME (first image of current directory), END (last image of current 
directory), PAGEDW (previous image) and PAGEUP (next image). In 
gwenview, it's not possible to configure a shortcut for "go to first 
image" or "go to last image".
. Allows me to exit the program by simply pressing ESC. Gwenview does 
not honor the exit shortcut when I set it to ESC.
. Allows me to rotate, zoom in and zoom out images with one keypress

Kuickshow did all of this and was perfect for me when quick viewing 
images. Gwenview is a more robust and resourceful software, but it 
lacks these options which are important for me.


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