Time problems

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 6 20:28:07 BST 2008

On Friday 06 June 2008 11:47:26 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Maybe when Windows was installed it moved the system clock from UTC to
> something else? It's been a _long_ time since I've done a Windows
> installation, but I don't remember it ever asking about user
> preferences, rather, just doing what it assumes is correct without
> taking into account that some other OS's may also be installed (not to
> bash Windows or anything).
I really don't think this is windows-related.

> Also, have you checked whether or not the machine is syncing with an
> NTP server? Same server as the other machines?
The server does.  I have now set the kde3 laptop to do so.

> What does the BIOS clock say?
The server was on BST and the others on GMT/UTC.  I've corrected that, making 
them all UTC, but the problem remains.

> Is this an IBM ThinkPad? If so, you might want to try asking in
> ThinkPad-specific forums. A lot of ThinkPad hardware is unique enough
> to cause maddening behaviour such as this. IBM (Lenovo) are not afraid
> to make 'better' at the expense of 'standard'.
Not a ThinkPad.

> >> Also, as you see a 1 hour time difference, that makes me suspect a
> >> daylight savings time error. Just something else to check.
> >
> > 'date' and 'hwclock --show' both indicate that all three machines are
> > running BST -
> By that reasoning, my machines are running at their WRST :)
> > So - is system-clock the same as hwclock?  Or is there a third variable
> > in the equation?
> According to this document it is:
> http://giraffe-data.com/software/about_hwclock.html
> How are you setting the clock? With these:?
> # hwclock --adjust
> # hwclock --hctosys
I set them with the kde tool, but I have checked them with hwclock --show.

I'll make more checks tomorrow, but I'm fairly sure that I have checked all 
three with both 'date' and 'hwclock'.

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