Cannot change cursors in kcontrol

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Jun 4 09:27:59 BST 2008

In Kcontrol I need to change a cursor to work around a bug in xfree.
However, the page for cursors is either gone or moved. I'm using
Kubuntu 8.04 and in Kcontrol -> Appearance and Themes I have:
* GTK styles and fonts
* fonts
* theme manager
* action feedback
* style
* icons
* colours
* window decorations
* background
* screensaver

Should there not be a separate page for cursors? Where is it? Thanks in advance.

Note: Message crossposted to kubuntu list in case this is a kubuntu
specific problem. I don't have access to my Fedora box at the moment
to check.

Dotan Cohen

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