[kde] kde4: blurry fonts

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Jan 28 20:22:34 GMT 2008

Maik Beckmann wrote:
> Hello
> I have an issue with the fonts off apps which are based Qt4.  I attached an 
> png where the "File" menubar entry at
>    (left to right): gtk+ - kde3 - kde4 - Qt4
> apps is shown.
> As you see the fonts of gtk and kde3 are same.  The kde4 and qt4 fonts are the 
> same too. 
> Please focus on the "F"s in "File".  The "F" of gtk/kde3 are plain lines, 
> since no curves are involved.  The "F" pf kde4/qt4 has something like 
> shadows, which results in a blurry look.
> Currently I'm running arch-linux, but I saw the behavior on previous gentoo 
> and debian installations when I played with qt4.
> The screenshots which are placed at the kde4 programming tutorials show that 
> there must be a way do make the fonts in kde4 behave like those in kde3
>     http://techbase.kde.org/images/a/a3/Introtokdetutorial3.png
> Just zoom and pan to "File" and compare with the screenshot I provided.
> My $HOME/.fonts.conf is attached.  The font I'm using is Bitstream Vera Sans
This is interesting.

If you simply showed these to me without any context, I would say that 
the first two (left to right) are hinted for screen display and the 
second two are unhinted for WYSIWYG printing.

KDE-3 and Qt-3 always did fonts as screen hinted which is why some 
applications (e.g. KWord) had font printing issues.  Since Qt-4 can do 
it either way, KDE-4 needs to decide which way that the fonts should be 
rendered.  So, this would appear to be a bug -- the GUI should always be 
screen hinted.

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