questions and doubts about kde4

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at
Fri Jan 25 07:52:00 GMT 2008

Hi all,
I've got a few questions about kde4.
A first problem I've got is about the screen, it seems that the screen size is 
not correct, and thus the second line of the panel is not shown entirely, but 
is below the screen down margin. The same happens with kopete, that when pops 
up a message dialog, it shows it under the screen (I can see only the upper 
The second question is about the panel itself: in the kde 3.5 it was possible 
to move the pager, to show the iconized programs of the current desktop (and 
not of the all desktops) and to display them on two lines. Moreover it was 
possible to add a tray for konsole applications, now I didn't find the way to 
do it. Finally, it was possible to set the panel size and position. I don't 
find this settings in the kde 4, if anyone knows about them please advice.

I've got also a problem that seems to be a bug reported here:
I cannot run kmail because it claims for an invalid symbol. As a result, I'm 
using kmail 3.5.8 but this makes the integration of the desktop harder. Any 
idea on how to solve?

Finally, something about effects: I can see that the widget for switching 
between windows (ALT+TAB) is the old one (i.e., the one of kde3.5) and that I 
cannot see previews of desktops and iconized programs. How to enable them?

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