Changing encoding in Dolphin

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jan 24 18:35:58 GMT 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> How does one change the encoding in Dolphin? I do not see that option
> in any of the menus. Dolphin is displaying the filenames of my SD card
> in the wrong encoding and I need to change that.
IIUC, your file names in your SD card are screwed.

There isn't a way to set the encoding in Dolphin.  The setting in 
Konqueror is for the default encoding for web pages and wouldn't fix this.

This is an issue and you might want to file a bug report since there 
isn't, AFAIK, a way to change the encoding for removable media on the 
fly in the KDE GUI.

You set the default encoding for your system with the LANG environment 




Now you can modify this for a given mountable device in: "/etc/fstab" by 
adding the "iocharset=<encoding> to the list of options {add it to the 
end of the list}.  Even if the list contains: "defaults", options added 
after it will override the defaults.

/dev/fd0H1440 /mnt/floppy/a auto \
rw,users,noauto,umask=0,iocharset=<encoding> 0 0

{this will be all one line in fstab}

The issue again is that this is a setting for a given device type and 
mount point that will apply for any removable device mounted.  You can't 
change it for an individual removable media.

You should be able to change this on a one time basis with the command 
line (manual mounting) by opening a Konsole and first changing LANG in 
the environment and them mounting.

	export LANG
	mount <mount point>

I don't know any way of doing this with the GUI.

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