KDE 4 tiny fonts problem

Bob Stia rnr at sanctum.com
Tue Jan 22 05:38:03 GMT 2008

On Monday 21 January 2008 10:58:07 pm Kevin B. O'Brien wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > Kevin B. O'Brien wrote:
> >> I installed KDE 4 to try it out, and when I booted into it every window
> >> had tiny type. so small that I literally could not read anything. I
> >> tried changing the screen resolution, and it is not a resolution issue.
> >> I got to 800 x 600 and still could not read anything. Any ideas of what
> >> the problem is?
> >
> > Sounds like your X server has a funny (i.e. wrong) notion of what DPI it
> > should be using. Try fiddling with the 'force font dpi' setting in the
> > font config page (kcontrol or systemsettings, depending on distro and
> > KDE3/KDE4).
> Thanks for the idea. but that does not seem to do anything either.

No, I also just installed KDE4 tonight and I couldn't read anything either. Go 
into the deskdop settings >appearance> fonts and make them any size you wish.  
I also increased the sizes of my icons.

Bob S

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