Screen corruption by kquirrel

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Tue Feb 19 19:35:23 GMT 2008


I have been trying ksquirrel on a Thinkpad T60p that (unfortunately?) has an 
ATI FireGL V5250 graphic card. The card, with the apparently correct Linux 
Driver, works well for most purposes. However, the ksquirrel picture is 
totally garbled (note however that both preview and slideshow are OK ?!?).

I noticed the same problem with Googleearth, so the problem is certainly not 
specially ksquirrel-linked.

Has anyone an idea what could cause the problem? I did not find a ksquirrel 
mailing list. Can it be an openGL problem? fglrxinfo seems to find everything 
in order.


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