Adjust desktop size for overscan possible?

John and Holly Klug j.h.klug at
Mon Feb 11 06:35:01 GMT 2008

Is it possible to adjust the desktop size smaller than the full X frame 
to allow for overscan?  I notice that Kcontrol-> 
Windows-specific-settings -> Geometry has a checkbox for desktop, and it 
can affect all desktops.  It doesn't seem to be documented as to how one 
might do this.  <Alt> <right mouse click> is the same as <right mouse 
click> for the desktop.  Also I notice that kdesktop has an option, 
--geometry.  If you are using kdm, and are running on the display of the 
same system, how does one set the kdesktop geometry option?  I have 3.5 
kde if it makes a difference.

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