Replacing commas with tabs in KWrite

Eyolf Ă˜strem eyolf at
Mon Feb 4 18:43:57 GMT 2008

On 04.02.2008 (13:03), Frank Bures wrote:
> Thanks for both replies, but they do not answer my question.
> I am well aware of hundreds of possible ways how to edit a text file
> using shells, sed, awk, C, C++, Java or any other possible tool.
> My question was "is there a way how to do it in KWrite?"
> Or in any other KDE based GUI editor?
> I hope this explanation clears the confusion.

It wasn't really a confusion -- your original question was clear enough.
Sorry for parading as one of those vim-zealots -- I'm not, really. But
it was precisely this kind of problem that made me switch to vim in the
first place. I tried for a long time to like Kate & Co, but limitations
like this are too serious for me. And I'm not even a programmer...

That said, I believe Kfilereplace may do what you want, but I'm not sure. 

Sorry that I can't be of more help.

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one blends softly casual into the other.

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