select - copy - paste question (or problem?)

Fazekas Mihály michael at
Sun Aug 24 07:20:19 BST 2008


My name is Mihaly Fazekas.
Sorry, my english is not good.

Upgrading full kde-3.5.8 -> 3.5.9.
And possibly: i change anything, but i don't know what... :)

After this upgrade:
1. select many lines ("full-lines") of text (more than 1 lines)
    (The cursor is begin of line, and pressing SHITF+DOWN)
2. copy (CTRL-C)
3. paste (CTRL-V)

Before upgrade: the cursor (after paste) is place after end of
inserted block.
After upgrade: the cursor (after paste) is placed to end of
first line of inserted block.

What can i do for copy-paste work same as before upgrade?

Interest: kmail's editor "works good",
but kwrite (and example: quanta) not.

ICQ: 45766480, MSN: michael at, Phone: 463-1966
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