Change konsole color scheme via cmd line.

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Aug 21 16:47:03 BST 2008

Lauro Costa G. Borges wrote:
>   Is there a way to change konsole color scheme via command line?
>   This way I can have alias to change it when I log to a production  
> server or when I su to root, etc.

'konsoleprofile "ColorScheme=My Funk Colors"'... basically, it's an 
escape sequence that is recognized by Konsole for issuing commands (e.g. 
"ColorScheme=whatever"), so if you expect to use it on arbitrary hosts, 
probably you want to take a look at the script and use the raw escape 
sequence (which is generally what I do).

I use this all the time, for pretty much the exact same use cases :-).

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