remote control of a desktop used inside a thin client session with krfb/krdc

Tobias Scherer tvim at
Sun Aug 17 13:41:09 BST 2008


In a thin client environment, where the Xserver is started on the thin 
client and running local on the thin client, --startkde ist started on 
the terminalserver with $DISPLAY=thinclient:0.0
The desktop is fully accessable and working with the programms running 
on the terminalserver is fine.

Is it in any way possible to forward the desktop with krfb and get a 
connection to it with krdc ?
If krfb is configured and started nothing happens, no server starts and 
no messages are written to log files.
That's possibly because it's started on the terminal server, as kde is 
running on it and just X is runnig on the thin client.
When krdc tries to connect either to the terminalserver or to the 
thinclient it says "No service running on <IP. Addr.>"

Debian Etch based linux
kdebase 3.5.9
krfb	3.5.9
xserver-xorg   7.1.0

It would be nice if a user of such a thin client desktop can just 
configure krfb and an admin can connect to it with krdc using the 
hostname or IP. Addr. of the thin client.

I am happy about any answer on how to solve this by configuration or any 
hint where to look into the sources to maybe implement this.

Kind regards
Tobias Scherer
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