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Thu Aug 14 00:56:25 BST 2008

Hi, I want to give you some feedback about the styles of KDE
and ask for a port of my favorite style.

I highly prefer a compact, clean and consistent style, like "Watercolor Ergonomic",
which I'm using under Windows XP.
There is also a port for gnome2 at
For me, it's the perfect style and I will tell you some of the reasons:

- no space is wasted: small spacing, small buttons, well designed Dialogs
- no rounded shapes, simply rectangles, clear lines, easy to recognize
- flat and light, pretty decent, not disturbing
- highlight on hover means only one click is needed
- hover/selection/focus always behaves the same, for buttons, menues, ...
- it's a different color, not just some light, so it's easy recognize

It's pleasant for the eyes but decent enough so that it's not disturbing.
All this makes the style very productive, which is what I like for the
GUI I'm working with every day.

I tried different KDE styles, also third-party ones from

Unfortunately, there is no KDE style that comes close to it.
KDE is wasting a lot of space, so it's far away from being compact.
- too much spacing regarding the menues, the icon views, ...
- some dialogs simply have a bad design

Oxygen, Cleanlooks, QTCurve they all use rounded shapes.
But I simply want rectangles, like on Phase and Windows.
Clear corners and clear lines are better to recognize.

For me, KDE's styles are using too much bling-bling.
This is fine for in-game menues,
but for the GUI I'm working with every day, I don't like this.

The Windows style is not that bad.
But it doesn't improve the spacing and it's not that pleasant
and light as "Watercolor Ergonomic".

So I would really like a port of "Watercolor Ergonomic" to KDE.

Anyone here, who also likes this style and is familiar with theming?

Best regards,

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