what it is update-desktop-database (KDE)?

macintoshzoom macintoshzoom at lavabit.com
Tue Aug 12 17:42:35 BST 2008

On OpenBSD 4.4-current (GENERIC.MP):

# cd /usr/ports/x11/kde/kdeutils
# make update
===> Updating for kdeutils-3.5.9p0
Upgrading from kdeutils-3.5.9p0
New package kdeutils-3.5.9p0 contains potentially unsafe operations
         @exec /usr/local/bin/update-desktop-database
Can't safely update to kdeutils-3.5.9p0 (use -F update to force it)
/usr/sbin/pkg_add: kdeutils-3.5.9p0:Fatal error
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/x11/kde/utils3 (line 1472 of 

does this means kdeutils-3.5.9p0 is already updated?
If so I don't need to execute /usr/local/bin/update-desktop-database, 
unless It can reset, clean or improve something, if I discover what.

Does anyone knows what exactly it does this 
/usr/local/bin/update-desktop-database ?

Will damage, or replace some of my customizations or settings?

Can't find info about this:

$ man update-desktop-database
man: no entry for update-desktop-database in the manual.

$ /usr/local/bin/update-desktop-database --help
   update-desktop-database [OPTION...] [DIRECTORY...]

Help Options:
   -?, --help            Show help options

Application Options:
   -v, --verbose         Display more information about processing and 
updating progress
   -q, --quiet           Don't display any information about about 
processing and updating progress



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