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Robert Spangler mlists at
Wed Aug 6 14:58:50 BST 2008

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 17:29, g wrote:

>  Robert Spangler wrote:
>  <snip>
>  > I did the following;
>  wow. another google head. take a look back at my 1st reply. :o))
>  anyway, you are getting what you want.
>  btw, i had 2 oops. this corrects 2nd, which really was 1st;
>  this will keep you a 'linux advanced google head'.
>  in case you did not see it, renich bon ciric, has a link to keep you a
>  'fedora linux google head', but it is not 'advanced', unless you know
>  proper use of boolean in a search;

Thnx for this information.  I am sure it will come in handy sooner or 
later. :)



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