Can't move a window with mouse

John R. Sowden jsowden at
Sun Apr 6 09:26:17 BST 2008

David wrote:
> :-D
> I should not reply to mails like this, but I am a good person so let's 
> go :-)
> If you have this behaviour, then the options are:
> a) You made something very wrong.
> b) You have a Linux distribution [[that is not Debian]] in an epoch 
> with bugs.
> Possible solutions:
> a) Try to find out what you made wrong. Alternatively, try 
> reinstalling kwin, and overwriting the old configuration files.
> b) Try upgrading the packages.
> Or the solution that always works: format and install [[Debian]] Linux 
> from scratch (not the distribution LFS, I mean: install Linux from the 
> beginning... :-D  ).
> In the meantime, you can move the window by clicking and dragging on 
> any point inside while pressing the Alt key. And you can replace the 
> upper right buttons with the menu that appears after clicking on the 
> upper left button (this is valid for Kwin, I do not know about compiz).
> On 02/04/2008, *John R. Sowden* <jsowden at 
> <mailto:jsowden at>> wrote:
>     When I move the mouse pointer to the title bar to move a window, I
>     get a
>     double ended arrow, either vertical or horizontal.  I cannot grab the
>     window and move it, nor will the boxes in the upper right corner
>     respond.
>     Help?
You're right.  I failed to give some necessary data: Suse 10.3, at the 
time I was running 2.3, although it happened with other 
than OOo.  Since I do not change the kde version of an existing 
distribution, I am running the KDE version that same with Suse 10.3.   I 
do not modify (re-compile) my distribution.  This happened out of the 
blue.  I have since shut down the computer and restarted.  The problem 
went away.

My concern: I'm sure it will happen again.


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