Konsole unable to start xapps as root in Archlinux

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Tue Oct 23 21:19:35 BST 2007


| It is funny. I had not notice this problem so far, because, for
| convenience, I created an applet in the panel that launched the
| command
| kdesu konsole
| and, in this konsole, I can launch graphic applications.

Thanks for the info!  That's a good solution.  It seems that
kdesu copies some information from your (ordinary user's)
.Xauthority to a temporary file and sets root's XAUTHORITY
environmental variable to point to the temp. file.

I wish the "su" command had such an option.  I normally use

  Session > New Root Shell

which in turn uses the "su -" command internally.  As I described
some postings ago, we could replace "su -" with a plain "su" and
solve our problem if we set the XAUTHORITY env. var. to point
to our own .Xauthority, but that's slightly inelegant (and is it
insecure, too? as somebody pointed out?).

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