adding info to the window bar

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Oct 18 16:28:16 BST 2007

xpol wrote:
> I would like to add some info to the window bar: a small picture in
> different colors, showing which user is the owner of the process 
> (several users access the desktop at the same time)

Have you considered simply giving each user a different color scheme?

> If not  kde3, will that be possible with kde4?

I mentioned this on IRC; it seems it /may/ be technically possible, 
however I'm not aware of any code written to do this sort of thing ATM. 
(You might try asking kwin's list, but my guess is it isn't reliable 
enough for anyone else to want to code it.)

At any rate, this would certainly break down for remote windows, since 
at best you would know what user started the remote session (although 
maybe that's the point), and even that may not be possible.

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