Kde control center has no index

Terry terauck-klist at yahoo.com.au
Sat Oct 13 04:53:12 BST 2007

Bram Schoenmakers wrote:
> Op dinsdag 25 september 2007, schreef Terry:
> Hi,
>> I recently made the mistake of "upgrading" kde 3.5.7 .  The kde control
>> centre subsequently had no index.  I was able to get an index initially
>> by deleting my .kde folder.  That is no longer the case.  Besides which,
>> the control centre has no index when I open it as root user either.
>> The last time I had an index, it disappeared after I changed the
>> language setting from U.S. English to British English.  I have the
>> latest British language package available from the distro.
>> Incidentally, it seems I am the only person experiencing this
>> difficulty.  I had the same difficulty when installing a previous update
>> but I was able to revert to the earlier version and the problem
>> disappeared.  I now have no option but to keep the version currently
>> installed.
>> I have found the folder /usr/share/apps/kcontrol which contains a folder
>> called 'about' and another called 'pics'.  It also contains a file
>> called 'kcontrolui.rc'.  'about' contains 'main.html' which is a
>> masterpiece of cryptography.
>> How do I fix this, please?
> Perhaps running kbuildsycoca as your own user fixes it for you.
> Kind regards,

Thanks for the information.  I just updated Kde on my other partition 
and got the same result.

I ran kbuildsycoca but the problem was not fixed.  I got a large number 
of "WARNING" messages.

I'm using Xfce but have been able to run KDE control centre previously.  
I could try logging in to Kde and doing something there.

Any ideas, anyone, please.


Regards, Terry North

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