Forwarding KDE apps over SSH -X

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Oct 4 16:29:47 BST 2007

On 04/10/2007, Patrick Nagel <mail at> wrote:
> I think audio output won't be affected at all. When playing a video, the
> playing software stops the video (and audio, because obviously nobody wants
> to have video and audio not in sync) because it can't be output fast enough
> (this is just a guess, I'm not an expert in this ;) ).
> When a software only plays audio (which isn't connected to any screen output),
> it won't stop the audio...
> Why don't you just try? ;)

I did try it, that's why I'm asking :)

I couldn't get the audio to skip, but it does sound degraded. I'm no
audiophile, so I thought that I'd ask here...

On the same note, how can I get the window of a currently-open
instance of Amarok to display over SSH? I only know how to open a new
instance. Can I do it with the PID or something?

Dotan Cohen
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