"Show Desktop"-Button - how to keep windows minimized?

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Fri Nov 30 06:43:33 GMT 2007

Hi KDEers,

| > Go to ~/.kde/share/config/ and edit the file named "kwinrc". Look
| > for the [Windows] section and add this line
| > 
| > ShowDesktopIsMinimizeAll=true
| I wonder why that isn't the default. Most of time I want to
| remove clutter rather than just access the desktop. I've always
| found the default behaviour a bit perverse.

Me too, exactly.  Clicking on the "Desktop Access" icon
brings the desktop to a special, invisible state, in which the
invoking of an application un-minimizes all windows.  But I don't
think an invisible state is a good idea, and I don't see much utility
in this behavior.  If I ever need the functionality, I would like
to see an explicit "un-minimize-all" button.  If this route be taken,
we would have two buttons, one to minimize all windows and the other
to un-minimize all.  (But, then again, I wouldn't use the latter

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