Associaton configuration in Konqueror

Qiuye Wang qiuyew at
Wed Nov 21 19:40:10 GMT 2007

Yes, i think it is the permissions issue, but is there no local file,
with it the normal user can change the file associations?

On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 11:13:37AM -0800, Scott wrote:
>On Wednesday 21 November 2007 10:35:49 am Qiuye Wang wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> i've tried to change the default player of some media files,
>> and find that there is a problem with the File Associations in
>> Konqueror.
>> For example the default player for *.mp3 file is noatun, i
>> move the amarok up in the ``Configure file associations''
>> window and try to set it as my default player for *.mp3 file,
>> after confirm that, the noatun is still the default player and
>> i open the File Assciations window again, there is nothing
>> changed, the noatun is still on the top of the list in
>> Application Preference Order.
>> And that doesn't only happen to the *.mp3 file but also
>> another files, (e.g. *.png file could only be opend by
>> Kuickshow but i can not chage it to Kview) I can just not
>> change anydefalut open method of any file.
>> I am using debian lenny, KDE's version is 3.5.8 and
>> Konqueror's version is 3.5.7 (before KDE update from 3.5.7 to
>> 3.5.8, there has been already this issue). I'm wondering if
>> this just happens to debian or maybe just me.
>> Could anyone please give me some hints, thanks a lot.
>Maybe a permissions issue?
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