Starting an application without decoration, always in front and in the upper right of the screen?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Tue Nov 20 11:19:38 GMT 2007


On Tuesday 20 November 2007, Richard Hartmann wrote:
> Hi all :)
> I am wondering how I could start an application
> - without decoration (aka no border)
> - always in front (aka keep above all others)
> - in the upper right of the screen

There is a KDE tool called kstart which basically starts the program just like 
starting the program itself and then modifies the program's window so that 
the window manager (not necessarily KWin) "sees" the properties you want the 
window to have.

It should be able to handle the first two of your items, though you'll 
probably need to experiement with --type to get the decoration removed.

Positioning is usually something windows are capable of themselves, e.g. most 
provide a -geometry or --geometry option to specify size and location.
I think the format for this option is widthxheight+horizontal offset+vertical 
offset, e.g. 640x480+0+0

However I think window managers can, depending on their placement strategy, 
override this.

If you are using KWin as your window manager (KDE default), then you could try 
to modify the window's properties through the decoration's configuration GUI, 
i.e. right click on the decoration and choose "configure window behavior"


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