issue with fat32 file systems and konqueror

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Nov 11 04:48:01 GMT 2007

Roberth Sjon√ły wrote:
> Hello, when I mount my fat32 formatted external harddrive through konqueror 
> with hal, the existing files and folders on the harddrive is read-only, how 
> can I make konqueror not do that?

Since DOS formated disks don't have the UNIX permission bits, there is a 
fstab option: umask= for fat disks.  This is a mask so it is the 
opposite of what you want.  E.G. umask=0 will give you 777.  You can set 
dmask= & fmask= separately for directories and files.

See the 'mount' man page for more info.

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