-debuginfo rpm's for suse 10.1

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Nov 9 11:38:55 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 07 November 2007 08:44, Sebastian Reitenbach wrote:
> Hi,
> kde at mail.kde.org wrote:
> > On Tuesday 06 November 2007 14:11, reitenbach_pub at rapideye.de wrote:
> > > Hi there,
> > >
> > > I want to examine a crash of konqueror on one of our internal sites.
> > > Unfortunately I do not find -debuginfo rpm's for KDE where I found the
> rest
> > > of KDE rpm's. Also googling did not helped much.
> > > If -debuginfo rpm's exist for suse 10.1 kde version, can someone please
> > > point me to a download location.
> > >
> > > thanks a lot
> > > Sebastian
> >
> > Hi
> > Not much help but I have had a lot of problems with konq crashing on some
> > internet sites for some time. Ebay, forums and major sites seem to be
> > fine apart from flash etc plugin and  java updates being increasingly
> > needed. I think the problem is entirely down to online library updates
> > although I
> can't
> > be specific as to which ones. Whilst I'm running suse 10.0 I believe that
> > this has been virtually updated to 10.1 by the updates.
> >
> > In my case the only solution seems to be to update to 10.2 or 3 but I
> > have found Opera very useful and more recently SeaMonkey  especially as
> > the
> latter
> > now has spell checking and translation facilities built in. I do prefer
> > Opera's method of handling plugins from the browser though. I've easily
> > directed video etc to mplayer with that without web searches for howto's.
> > --
> It's an internal site here, so we got the site tweaked and working with
> firefox for now, that had some other problems with it, but at least it does
> not crash.
> Nevertheless, if there are somewhere some -debuginfo rpm's available, I'd
> like to take a closer look at the problem with konqueror.
> Sebastian
> RapidEye AG
> Molkenmarkt 30
> 14776 Brandenburg an der Havel
> Germany
Have to take some of what I said back on which browsers seem to be ok. At long 
last I'm having a clear out and selling some things on ebay. Opera could only 
get some hopeless ebay backup interface. Seamonkey had quirks with what 
seemed to be the use of flash, Firefox was ok even though it was using the 
same latest version of flash. Yet another area for Konq developers to check.

Out of interest and more in line with this mailing list the UK's a national 
health service on line systems will not accept Konq as soon as it comes to 
data entry. I emailed and complained and had a reply that said well so many 
million people used MS explorer. Mailed back about the miss use of public 
money etc and the millions of web pages with simular secure interfaces that 
worked perfectly well with it -got an angry reply about how hard they were 
working on making it compatible with as many browsers as possible. I'm 
tempted to pass these mails on to the media - why should the UK be forced to 
use MS? I would hope that there are people on this list who can make a much 
better job of doing that sort of thing than me or can pass the information on 
to some one who can. I've had problems on a number of government web sites at 
times. None of the pages are in any way special.

Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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