konqueror crash - Unknown class...

pol linux_milano at yahoo.it
Tue May 29 13:05:49 BST 2007

>> After a couple years working perfectly, kde session restoring begun to
>> fail a few weeks ago, on my debian/testing laptop.
>> At the user session opening, every konqueror instance, saved in the
>> previous session, crashes. Here included the backtrace, from the crash
>> window panel. lHowever, any new konqueror instaces start flawlessly.
>> Any idea?
> Is your system up to date? Just update the system and see if the problem
> goes away!

I think the problem is here. Starting a previously saved konqueror session

$konqueror --session  /home/pol/.kde/share/config/session/konqueror_1066696e6e000118042032600000004900019_1180420536_757661

  konqueror: WARNING: Unknown class  in session saved data!

Any idea?

thank you 


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