Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Mon May 28 18:14:09 BST 2007

Hans van der Merwe wrote:

> Anyone know if there are plans for kio_smb to accept MS version of
> smb:// URIs.
> ie "smb:\\server\share" or more accurately "\\server\share"
> Im the lone linux user in our 60 odd windows domain company, everytime
> someone mails me a link to a share on a server I have to copy-paste and
> replace all \\ with //.
> smbmount does accept \\ or //
> I see this as a no go for KDE "normal users" in a mixed Win-Lin
> environment.

I'm surprised that in all the discussion no one has suggested a
solution/workaround. Here's an outline that might work (I haven't tested

1. Create a script that takes a smb: address with backslashes, and
runs "konqueror smb:addresswithforwardslashes" (by replacing the
backslashes using sed or perl.

2.  Modify the smb.protocol file in $KDEDIR/share/services : change
the 'exec' line to point to your script.

Actually, I'm not sure that would work (since the konqueror instance would
look up the smb.protocol ioslave, and go into a loop), but perhaps there's
a way round this. Anyone have any idea?

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