Possible to bind KDE applications to a certain IP address?

Peter Pfannenschmid lists at binarus.de
Mon May 28 12:00:19 BST 2007

Hello list,

the following situation: Some debian servers running KDE 3.5.x with kdm
as display manager, XDMP enabled; the servers are used by Windows users
who run Cygwin/X or Xming on their machines.

The debian servers have multiple IP addresses, and I have managed to
bind kdm to a certain of these IP addresses (by using the LISTEN
directive in the Xaccess file). The problem is that this restriction of
kdm does not have any effect on the KDE applications themselves.

The KDE applications seem to choose the IP address where they bind to
independently of the kdm setting.

For example: The IP addresses of the debian machine are and, kdm is listening on But any application
which is then opened by a windows user (for example kate) is listening

Is there any general way to bind the kde applications (like kate,
konsole etc.) to a certain IP address (the one kdm listens on would be
perfect) if multiple IP addresses are availible?

Thanks for any help,


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