konqueror and umask

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Tue May 1 05:22:28 BST 2007

Hi Pol,

| Files and directories created through the konqueror graphic interface show
| different access privileges than files and directories created through a 
| terminal emulator (konqueror terminal emulator included).
| How to fix that misbehaviour?

I guess you set your umask in a shell startup file such as .bashrc,
.profile, or .bash_profile , that is not used by KDE.

Potential fixes are:

- Create a symbolic link in ~/.kde/env/ to your startup file that
  contains your umask setting: For example,

    $ cd ~/.kde/env/
    $ ln -s ~/.bash_profile bash_profile.sh

  This is what I do.  Files in ~/.kde/env/ are sourced during the
  KDE startup.  Once set, environments (including umask) should be
  seen by all applications including konqueror.

- Change the system-wide default umask in /etc/profile .  But, I'm not
  sure whether the KDE uses this file or whether it does not change

- What else . . . ?

Hope this helps,
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