Konquerer Left Tree Display with ssh or samba

Alexander alexander.nofamilyname at gmx.net
Wed Mar 28 12:55:35 BST 2007

> In case you are referring to the "Navigation panel F9", yes, but
> only for those which you explicitly define:
Yes i was referring to this, sorry i didn't know the name.

> Add a "Folder" tab of type "Folder". Right-click the tab and set
> the url to the share you like.
This helps a lot already. Thank you!

> For other preset URLs you could also use the "Network" tab and the
> $HOME/.kde/share/apps/konqsidebartng/virtual_folders/remote 
> Folder/.desktop-structure
Also good to know!

> If you wish to see the folder tree of any valid url: I have no
> idea if that would be possible.
Originally this was what i meant. Can anybody point out if this is possible?

Thanks Peter
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