some system text color not used by apps?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Mar 27 15:03:52 BST 2007

Ryo Furue wrote:
> I've changed all text colors and background colors in
>    Control Center > Appearance & Themes > Colors
> so that text is white and background is dark gray.  That is,
> I've changed all the items in the "Widget Color" list such as
> "Standard Background", "Standard Text", "Selected Background",
> "Selected Text", and so on.
> This setting works quite well: All Menus, KDE panels, and all KDE apps
> use my setting  EXCEPT some textboxes and the like where you can type
> in your text, ignore my text color while they use my background color.
> The result is that the text is black on a dark-gray background,
> and the text is hard to see.
> An example is KWrite.  It uses my colors except for the text I type
> in in its main window: it's black on a dark-gray background.
> Interestingly, it uses white text in the textbox of its "Save As"
> menu, that is, the file name you type in appears in white.

The default is rather unfortunate here, and has to do with how KATE's 
highlighting works. Basically, it uses the system color for the 
background but its own presets for the various foregrounds... until you 
change them. However, everything is fully customizable; check in 
Settings->Configure Editor. My own KATE settings bear no relation to my 
system color settings. :-)

> Another example is the Opera browser, which uses the Qt toolkit.
> I've told it to use the system color so that it uses my colors
> for its menus, dialogs, and so on.  Good.  But, when you go to
> Google and the area your type in your query strings has the same
> problem: black text on dark gray.  (Konqueror doesn't have this
> particular problem.)

That sounds like a bug in Opera.

> So, my wild guess is that we miss one Qt color setting in the
>    Control Center > Appearance & Themes > Colors

I doubt it. I know what a Qt palette looks like (from a programming 
standpoint); AFAIK KDE fills in everything. Most likely these issues are 
due to bugs in certain applications.

> menu.  I don't think it's acceptable that apps use your background
> color AND ignore your text color.  If they ignore one, then they
> should ignore the other, too.

I agree. Unfortunately, far too many people do just this. :-(

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