fstab and mtab

michael tucker mike.tucker32547 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 15:03:42 GMT 2007

ok  earlier past week i was asking someone anyone out here in the ke
network  if i could get help on fstab and mtab--- someone asnwerd--- dont
know who "sorry"  theyt asked for more specific detail on what im having
problem with
well here it is
when i try to mount my cd drive "hdc" it says it could not find hdc in
/etc/fstab or etc/mtab
so i went to fstab and saw something like--- i cant know what im just trying
to retrieve from memory since im not sitting at my pc.
it said something like
/dev/hda1      /      resierf  default  11
none  proc  ------------                   00

/dev/hda2   /home resierf default 12
none       ---------------------------------  00
that was originally there  plus some others in the """-------------- " area
that i completly forgot what was in it-- yes i wrote it down-- but i lost
the paper
so since i said it couldnt find my cdrom i put in

/dev/hdc        /media    proc   default  13

then it said warning  there isnt a newline "or soemthing" on fstab
and couldnt link to mtab~

so i cut and paste mtab~ to Desktop and then it said warning there isnot a
newline in fstab
perhaps there is a stale lock file?

this happens even when im trying to boot knoppix 3 kings editon live cd

if this doenst bring any information on what my problem is exactly i'll try
to get some more info later

thank you all who help out in the kde forum
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