kwm: debugging cause of death

Blues Renegade bluesrenegade at
Tue Mar 6 01:39:14 GMT 2007

How are you connecting WinAxe to the remote CentOS?  Are you using SSH 

My guess is that the desktop is trying to run the screensaver, so I'd 
look for a keepalive setting on the connection. I know that PuTTY has a 
keep alive setting on the Windows side. Why not turn off the screensaver 
and see if the problem is gone or not?

I use PuTTY to make an SSH connection on the Windows side and Xming for 
the Xserver. I don't recall if they are both open source, but they are 
both FREE, for sure.

Another thing you might try is downloading Xming and using that in place 
of WinAxe. Make sure you download the fonts, too, as you'll most likely 
need them.


Richard Tierney wrote:
> Could someone give me some pointers on how to find out why kwm 
> occasionally dies?
> My setup is:
> Remote X server running on Windows 2000 (over ethernet)
> KDE on Centos 4.4
> I use WinAxe as the Windows X server. This setup normally works well, 
> but there's an occasional problem. About once a day, kwm seems to die. 
> The decorations around the windows disappear, I can't use the mouse to 
> select a window, the panel disappears, and I can't switch desktops. I 
> don't think there's anything relevant in the system logs, and I can't 
> find any KDE logs.
> My guess is that there's some sort of idle communication between kwm and 
> the X server; perhaps an occasional ping of some sort. It may be (just 
> guessing) that WinAxe occasionally responds incorrectly, or doesn't 
> respond, and kwm terminates.
> Anyone happen to know where I can find any documentation on how a window 
> manager talks to a remote server?
> Thanks -
> Richard
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