Window-Specific Settings: Documentation?

Ryo Furue furue at
Sun Mar 4 11:03:26 GMT 2007


| Maybe with type Override.  Or you could try a combination, i.e. using
| window settings for removing the decoration and kstart for skipping
| the taskbar.

That's a good idea.  Since I don't know how to remove the
decoration in the "Window-Specific Settings" dialog,
I set "Skip Taskbar" in the dialog and invoked the application
with --type Dock, and then I finally got a window without the
decoration and without being shown on the taskbar.  Thank you!

Anyway, it may be better to submit a bug report or two (or feature
requests) about the strange interaction "--type Dock" and 
"--skiptaskbar", about the lack of documentation for
"Window-Specific Settings", and about the apparent lack of
the remove-decoration feature in "Window-Specific Settings".

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