fstab and fsck

michael tucker mike.tucker32547 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 14:58:11 GMT 2007

im not much of a linux epert as some people in the world  nor a unix expert
and since i dont qualify enough to be one of those i am defiantly not
qualified to be a system administrator on my own system.
every time i try to compile anything----- could be games for linux  or add
ons  or merly trying to boot up a live cd of knoppix 3 kings editon.
it keeps on saying something about my fstab and fsck needs soemthing to be
done to it---- saying its not configured properly
soo going to what i can find for help without internet access on my pc--
i type in man fsck  and man fstab on konsole
it says on fstab and fsck man doc
that the system adim main duty is to keep fstab and fsck updated as in
puting folders or programs in it
also is there any way possible i can make myself to root privaleges  like
when going into yast or time configuration or such i dont have to type my
root password every single time?????
putting myself in the same group as root-- didnt help

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