opening linked files

Ryo Furue furue at
Sat Jul 28 12:05:05 BST 2007


> I would like konqueror to start a program when selecticng a link
> file, rather that opening  file the link is pointing to.

| What i need is changing to the directory the file is pointing to,

I can answer only this question.  If I remember correctly, a
(symbolic) link cannot be edited.  That is, you can't change what a
link points to.  This is a limitation of Linux/Unix.  (There's no
system call for that task.)  All you can is delete the link and create
a new one:

   $ ln -s /usr/bin/bash foo
   $ rm foo
   $ ln -s /bin/sh foo

But, this isn't your *purpose*.  You seem to want to do it to
accomplish something else, but I'm afraid I don't understand
what it is.

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