Network sound problem

Basil Fowler b.j.fowler at
Tue Jul 10 20:35:09 BST 2007

Thank you Kevin.

The environment variable ESPEAKER is indeed missing.

On followup question.

How should I correct the situation? Should I modify "startkde"
to check which display is operative, and then added the appropriate 
definition, or should I put it elsewhere?

For info, the relevant part of .bashrc is :

# If remote connection, set sound server parameters and xkbmap
echo $DISPLAY | grep 'eccles' > /dev/null

if [ $? -eq 0 ]
        export ESPEAKER=eccles:5001
        export ARTS_SERVER=eccles:5100
        setxkbmap fr -print | xkbcomp - $DISPLAY 2>/dev/null
        unset ESPEAKER
        unset ARTS_SERVER

(eccles is the name of the slave computer)

I am a lurker rather more than a contributor, but I would like to express my 
thanks for all the work you do for this list.

On Tuesday 10 July 2007 18:30, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 July 2007, Basil Fowler wrote:
> > However, if I open Konsole and enter the command "esdplay
> > <some-au-file>", sound comes out of the speakers attached to the slave
> > computer. I take this to mean that ESD on the slave computer is properly
> > istening and is responding correctly to signals sent across the network.
> Sometimes the environment of the KDE startup script "startkde" is different
> from the one a shell inside Konsole gets.
> To check do something like this
> ALT+F2
> to open the run dialog
> env > /tmp/env.out
> to write the environment of the KDE session to a file. Check if this file
> contains the variable you expect to be there.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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