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Boyan Tabakov blade.alslayer at
Thu Jul 5 10:45:31 BST 2007


I asked this question in the digikam mailing list but got no reply, so I 
thought I might get one here. Here is the quote:

I have the following question about the HTML Export plugin:

I have the latest versions of libkipi, kipi-plugins and digikam. Running SuSE 
10.1. I see a difference between what the screenshots in kipi documentation 
show and what I get when I launch the plugin (Album -> Export -> HTML 
Gallery). There are no left-side tabs, no config options such as generation 
of html files per image. And I get to choose a theme, which is something the 
kipi docs don't mention.

When I use the plugin from inside konqueror (Tools -> Create Image Gallery) I 
get to see the tabs, but still some of the options are missing (Create pages 
for each image and others).

Am I missing something here? Any ideas?


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