How to use Kopete with webcam

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Thu Jan 25 20:49:57 GMT 2007

On Thursday 25 January 2007 19:24, kitts wrote:
> On Thursday 25 January 2007 23:34 IST, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > Hmm, the version in question seems to be 0.12, which has been KDE since
> > 3.5.5
> >
> > Not sure that the lasted released KDE on Kubuntu is, but maybe upgrading
> > the system could be another option.
> KDE 3.5.5 is what comes with Edgy. It has also been backported to Dapper.
> See

Ok. I don't really want to mess with upgrading Kubuntu at the mo, but I've 
just fired up Debian Etch which has KDE 3.5.5, and Kopete 0.12.3, and that 
has the devices tab in it. At the moment I've got no image from the camera 
showing at the moment, but that may not be a surprise.

On Kubunto I only had greyscale images with Xawtv, and Camorama, but for some 
strange reason Camorama was displaying triple images. Next I loaded ov511 
with the "force_palette=15" option, and got colour on Xawtv, but zilch on 
Camorama. I had installed every webcam app I could find on Kubuntu, so 
started Camstream, and that displays colour images from the webcam ok.

So I've got Camorama on Kubuntu that doesn't display anything since I forced 
the colour option, and neither does Kopete on Debian Etch.

So next I install Camorama, and Camostream on Etch. Camorama again displays 
nothing, but Camostream displays a colour image from the webcam, so at least 
the ov511 module in colour mode is working ok on Etch.

Next rmmod ov511, then modprobe ov511 (without the force_palette=15 option) . 
Now Cam

stream still shows a colour image (weird), but Camorama shows a triple image 
in greyscale, which looks like something Andy Warhol would have done, and 
Kopete shows me a colour image, but it's very dark, and none of the controls 
will brighten it.

I think I may have to visit the ov511 author about this problem. There is an 
option for ov511, autoadjust=0. This is supposed to disable the 
autoadjustment of colour,  brightness, etc, but modprobe complained when I 
tried to use it.

Thanks for the help folks. The webcam isn't critical, and I can still take a 
few shots of my dog with Xawtv, or Camstream, then email them.


btw. I was using the 2.6.11 kernel on Etch. I'll try it with the 2.6.17 one. 
there may be some changes in the ov511 module.
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