close konsole window == exit?

Ryo Furue furue at
Tue Jan 23 12:18:09 GMT 2007

Hi Daniel,

| Question: what happens when I just close the konsole window by mouse
| click?  Will it properly log out/close the ssh connection just the
| same as if I typed exit? 

My conjecture is: yes.

When the close button of a console is hit, a HUP signal seems to be
sent to the bash.  (I read so on the Net, and did a little experiment
to verify it.)  Now, "man bash" says:

  The shell exits by default upon receipt of a SIGHUP.  Before
  exiting, an interactive shell resends the SIGHUP to all
  jobs, running or stopped.

So, the shell itself will exit cleanly.  When it does so, it sends
HUP signals are sent to its children.  The remaining question
is, therefore, how ssh responds to the HUP signal that the bash
sends.  My guess here is that any decent program is designed to
respond to signals gracefully so that ssh exits gracefully on
receiving SIGHUP.

On the practical note, I've never experienced any problem for
closing terminal windows by the close button (and I do so quite

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