resolution switcher missing from desktop settings

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Mon Jan 22 13:02:34 GMT 2007

kitts <kitts.mailinglists at> writes:

> On Monday 22 January 2007 01:41 IST, reader at wrote:
>> What might cause this phenomena:
>> When I right click the desktop to bring up the desktop configure
>> dialog; there is no entry for `Display' where resolutions can be
>> changed.
> Depending on your distro (Kubuntu?) there may be an alternate configuration 
> dialog.
> Check '/usr/share/applications/kde/display.desktop' for the 
> line 'NoDisplay=true' or something on those lines.

Its ubuntu <edgy> and you hit the nail on the head
   grep NoDisplay /usr/share/applications/kde/display.desktop

Thanks ..

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